Search Engine Optimizer

Many of the conventional SEO tactics from as little as a few months ago are getting less effective by the minute. To put it simply: Google is only getting smarter. Now that quality and relevance have taken the throne again, it is important to know how and where to position your content to get the greatest impact for every ounce of effort.

Paid Search

It is a strategy that pays. Paid search is the most immediate, controllable, and highest impact digital marketing tactic we employ. We specialize in the research, planning, implementation and on-going maintenance of paid search campaigns; we utilize comprehensive keyword strategies, innovative bidding tactics, and expert copywriters, supported by industry-leading reporting and optimization tools to separate ourselves from our competitors.


It is a valuable long-term strategy that delivers the highest ROI. Increasing prices in paid search are bringing sellers back to basics. Our experienced best-practices deliver top placements in non-paid search engine listings, using extensive keyword research, URL analysis, content analysis, manipulation of metadata, and development of extensive internal and external links.

Contextual Advertising

One in four members of the Fortune 1000 has tested or uses contextual web advertising in their online marketing mix. Contextual internet advertising puts your message in the right context: before consumers, when and where they are ready to buy. It’s a proven tactic, flexible enough to take shape as text links, tile ads, pop-ups and pop-unders, banners, or other formats.

SEO Services Include:

• Organic Content Management
• Structuring of Blog Content
• Building Local Relevance
• Assessing Page Rank
• Interpreting Analytics
• Search Focused Site Audits
• Integrating Media Channels

About Webstag

Webstag is a talent-run group of specialists brought together by a single purpose; to revolutionize your users’ digital experience. Our cadre is built of proven leaders in compelling design, effective technology, and impactful marketing.

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